What we do

Data-driven decision making has an incredible power. Data can support you and your team in achieving maximum success and allows you to fully leverage the potential of your team.

Don’t let success be a coincidence. Plan it, track it, and analyze it.

Track Your Team

Use your existing tracking solution or work with us and our partners to optimally equip your team with the latest and greatest tracking wearables and optical tracking. Tracking your players is your first step to maximize success. All the data you track will feed into the Deepsports Holistic Player Model.

Analyze Your Data

We analyze your players data and derieve actionable insights. We combine exercise, tactical, psychological, and nutritional data in the Deepsports Holisitic Player Model.

Maximize Your Success

You can achieve maximum success with our actionable insights. Our Deepsports Holistic Player Model helps you to reduce the risk of injuries, help you to develop your players and squad, and helps you to make the right decisions on and off the pitch through data.