Team TV Sports x Deepsports


For top football clubs it is essential to prevent injuries to players. The Swiss/German company Deepsports makes tracking data of players available on its platform, on the basis of which conclusions about physical stress are drawn. The Dutch TeamTV Sport offers advanced video analysis to link this data to images of game situations. The video analysis capabilities of TeamTV Sport will be available in the Deepsports platform, so that European football clubs have all this information available on one platform.

Deepsports offers a platform for top European football clubs, Deepsports Insights. Data from players is collected on this. During matches and training sessions, players wear trackers that provide insight into, for example, the number of kilometers they run, the number of sprints they take and their position on the field. This shows whether a player is making too much effort and where a profit can be made. This data is given more context with video images. What was the match situation for a particular effort? For example, if a player pulls too many sprints, the tracking data shows that his workload is too high. Analyzing the video images makes it clear which sprints were not necessary. This way the workload can be reduced, with fewer injuries as a result. Video can also be used to make tactical analyzes.

One platform for all information

TeamTV Sport specializes in advanced video analysis and live streaming. Their video analysis solution is now being integrated on the Deepsports platform. Deepsport and TeamTV have signed a multi-year cooperation agreement for this. Emiel van Lieshout, CMO at TeamTV Sport: “Many sports platforms offer one piece of the puzzle, while cooperation can complete that puzzle for clubs. That’s what Deepsports and TeamTV Sport are doing now. Our joint solution gives football clubs one-stop access to all the information they need to help players perform at their best. They do not have to develop technical applications themselves, can get started right away and do not need any technical knowledge. ”

Hassle-free integration

Koen Vossen, CTO of TeamTV Sport: “Deepsports uses our backend Application Programming Interface (API), so that they have full control over the workflow. Our Javascript software development kit ensures that our solution integrates smoothly with the Deepsports platform. ”

For making smart football decisions

The agreement with TeamTV Sport fits in seamlessly with Deepsports’ ambition: to expand its platform to track and analyze data, so that football clubs can make smarter football decisions. The partnership also fits in well with TeamTV Sport’s goal of delivering embedded video analytics, live streaming and content to other sports platforms. Felix Schmidt, CEO of Deepsports: “Thanks to this partnership, we can seamlessly embed high-quality video analytics into our platform. The combination of video analysis and our workload tracking helps our customers to an even higher level. ”